Technology has been one of the key factors in the rapid change of the world. The internet has especially created greater opportunities for individuals and business to grow and expand. The Real Estate Industry is no exception. Real Estate Websites provide real estate buyer and seller the opportunity to browse listings, find properties, make offers, draft contracts, and even close deals all from your computer. It may seem that it would be unnecessary to hire a real estate agent, but like all things, there are ups and downs to working with an agent verses a website.

Real Estate Online

As we mentioned, technology is always changing to provide an easier and more convenient way for people to learn and grow, and in regard to the real estate market this means people are able to gather information on the real estate market in their area. People are now able to make more informed decisions based on current mortgage rates in their area and the location of their property. Buyers are becoming more realistic with their budgets, and sellers are more aware of the worth of their properties. Real Estate Websites gather all this information in a localized spot, making it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate in a space where the focus is buying and selling homes. The accessibility of websites also allows more buyers, sellers, and investors to participate in the actively changing market with ease. But accessibility isn’t the only reason a person would want to try Real Estate Websites. When doing real estate online brokerage firm may offer more commission fees. Commission rates, or splits, may be the single most important factor in the transaction, and should be considered in your decision in whether or not you want to use websites or not. Buyers and sellers are also able to have more control over their sales or purchases by using online services because it allows them to remove the middleman and the limited accessibility that an agent may have.

Real Estate Websites aren’t perfect, and it is important to consider the issues that come with working real estate online. Online listings can have enormous amounts of information that can be helpful, but they won’t tell you everything. Although online tours are convenient, they can’t show you any structural issues or small issues in corners and ceilings. Online sites and home sales also create an environment where scammers wait to steal personal information, and unlike with agents, you lose out on personal interaction. Real Estate Agents can provide insight and support that websites can’t. Local agents have access to the same information on websites, but their personal attachment to an area allows them to know things that a website wouldn’t be able to consider, things like changing zoning laws, economic shifts, and other local information which can influence your decisions.

Real Estate in Person

There are several different types of licensed real estate professionals to chose from. Real estate Agents, Brokers, and Realtors have all spend time obtaining various licenses that allows them to know the inner workings of the real estate industry and market and lets them make informed and thoughtful decisions on what would work best for buyer and sellers. (Read our article on the differences between the three here, and decide on which works best with your next purchase or sale!) It may seem like making real estate decisions online would have several benefits, but there are things that people can do that websites can’t. Licensed real estate professionals have the ability to focus on a community and are better at understanding the innerworkings of a local area than websites, including price points, schools, crime rates, unemployment, and future growth.

Real estate professionals are also able to maintain a network of connections, meaning that they are able to connect potential clients with locally owned businesses (such as plumbers, electricians, builders, etc.) who provide a certain set of skills, something that a real estate website couldn’t do. They also have the ability to act as a liaison between all parties involves in the buying and selling of a property. It is easy to have issues in communication and in order to ensure effective and efficient communication between buyers and seller, real estate professionals are the best for providing the best potential outcome. Their experience allows them to know the inner workings of the industry. They are very familiar with the selling and buying process, and that lets them work fast in helping you with your real estate decisions.

What Works Best With YOU!

Purchasing and selling properties is a complex process, but whether you decide to use websites or whether you decide to use a licensed professional depends on what works best with you! As we said before, websites are easily accessible and can provide the information needed to find sellers and buyers for your real estate market, but real estate professionals offer a personal touch that can’t be accessed on websites. We, at Invictus Real Estate LLC, like many real estate professionals have adapted to the changes of the world around us. We offer both online and personal help in buying and selling properties as well as many other services that makes us stand out from other real estate personnel. Our mission is to ensure that your needs and interests are met at every moment. With us, you become family, and all of our available tools and assistance becomes a part of your experience. Contact us and speak with our real estate experts today!