Invictus Real Estate, LLC

Your local full service Real Estate partner Invictus was formed with a dedicated commitment to stand alone from other real estate agencies. We provide a wide range of resources to help you buy the home you love for the best value, sell your home offering the most financial benefit of your most valued asset, lease your residential or commercial property while managing your personal portfolio to ensure you have qualified and responsible tenants, and providing personal attention to the administration of your Homeowner’s associations (HOA).

Why Choose Invictus?

In one word…Family.
The staff, employees, and agents of Invictus work as a family to ensure your success. Our mission is to ensure that the needs and interests of our customers are met at every moment. Our customers do not get one agent with limited resources and individual responses. Instead, you become part of the Invictus family, and all available tools and assistance become part of your experience.

Invictus brings REAL experience, honesty, integrity, and character to every individual business transaction. Lifelong relationships help our customers’ current real estate needs and future investment decisions. Our family becomes your family!

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Our Mission

INVICTUS REAL ESTATE, LLC started as a vision to create a full-service Real Estate company
whose name invoked strength in the face of adversity and success when it seemed impossible.

“It matters not how strait the gate, How charge with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”
William Ernest Henley

Through that vision, Invictus was created with a commitment to stand out and provide a different standard for our Agents and staff to adhere to. We sincerely understand how difficult and complex the rapidly changing real estate industry can be and we are prepared to meet your needs.

More About The Owner

25+ years of real estate experience in Marion County

Founder, and owner, Jamie Blankenship has more than 25 years of experience in the competitive, and often challenging, real estate market. Invictus was founded based on the knowledge and professionalism of mentors that helped instill the value of integrity, honesty, and veracity within her. Invictus is now the foremost leader in real estate and property management. Its staff is 100% dedicated to providing its Agents, Employees, and Representatives with purpose, drive, and commitment to be the best. No deal will ever sacrifice the core values of Invictus simply for financial gain. Our focus is to build a lifelong relationship to those customers we serve.

EXCELLENCE will be our signature within each personal transaction.

Our Realtors

Katherine Rodriguez