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Our broker has a couple decades of experience and she has been committed to helping home and business owners with their real estate transactions for over 20 years. 

Jamie Blankenship

Jamie Blankenship


The beginning of Jamie’s explosive career within the Real Estate and Marketing industry began over 20 years ago within the walls of Publix Supermarkets.  Guided through her journey and taught by several professionals, Jamie learned and experienced the intricate details and follow-through of property management, leasing, site selection, negotiations, and market presentation.  More importantly, she was blessed to have leaders who shared and instilled their value of character, integrity and honesty within her.
After leaving her family at Publix Supermarkets, Jamie maintained all of her relationships and honed her skills and expertise in property management through residential, industrial, office, and commercial accounts.  She also continues to enter new and acquired markets with a keen, creative eye to determine the right intersection and corner that will place any retailer strategically within the market.  In addition, Jamie has created a unique approach to marketing and leasing as she presents each location with a premium complete marketing package that allows the retailer to understand the location, analyze the market, and make an educated decision quickly.
Jamie created Invictus Real Estate, LLC to provide exceptional residential, property management, and commercial service to every client and customer based on professional experience, integrity, honest, quality and character.  She also wanted a place where Agents could feel appreciated, valued, and supported while providing the best compensation package so they can feel the financial benefit of their hard work.
Jamie is currently the Owner/Broker partner at Invictus Real Estate, LLC where she continues to advance her career in the real estate industry.  A resident of Ocala, Florida with her children, Jamie is an active member of the community, enjoys sports, and being outdoors. 

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When it comes to real estate brokerages it’s the subtle differences that shape what your overall experience will be like. Invictus Real Estate offers a white glove service that is unmatched. We can help you with your residential home purchase and even have an interior designer to help make it feel like home. We love listing property and staging a home for showings to help you get the highest market value. We have done countless rental and leasing transactions and can help you make the most out of your investment. And, our Broker is one of the premier Commercial Real Estate experts in the area.

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