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The process of buying a new construction home sounds very appealing to people because you have the opportunity to build your dream home from the ground up! Things like the layout, outdoor spaces, appliances, all the way down the paint color is up to you. However, depending
on how elaborate your plan is the construction process can take many months to complete. It is not an easy decision to make and before you commit to a new construction home there are steps that need to be taken so everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Tips For Buying a Construction Home

Home construction is a rewarding process that can gives you a home you only thought possible in your dreams, but like all dreams, it takes time and dedication for it to come to fruition. Although our list seems long, it is important to consider that things are done properly and there are no shortcuts taken during the construction process because the end result will be worth it in the long run!

1. Decide on whether you would rather build a new home or buy and existing one.

Both options have their pros and cons, such as cost and building regulations, but its more important to think about your personal preference. If you want to make all the design choices, then you’ll probably prefer buying a brand-new construction home. However if
you have specific needs, like wanting more rooms than what your budget would allow for a new construction home, or if you would like something closer to schools or public transportation, then buying an existing home maybe better.

2. Before looking at construction homes it’s important to have a professional team in place. Agents, who specialize in new constructions homes, a lending institution that can help finance the home for you, and experts like architects, designers, landscapers, etc. should all be researched and selected prior to looking at construction homes so they are ready to start when the project is ready for them.

3. Construction homes are not a cheap process. The average cost to build a home in the state of Florida is between $240,000 to $350,000, and although this is 5% below the national cost to build a home it is not unheard of for some of the higher-end homes to cost upwards of $525,000. This means that you’ll need to save money to meet costs.

4. You’ll want to create a detailed plan of everything that you want in your custom- built home. Things from paint color, room layouts, window designs, appliances, flooring, countertops, and so on. Your plan will be used by the construction company to guide them through each step of the construction process. It may seem tedious, but the more detailed your construction plan, the more likely you will be able to get the home you envisioned.

5. A critical factor to decide when constructing a home is the construction site. The size of the construction site, whether you prefer an open lot with plenty of space around it, or one that is more private, and if you want to construct within city limits, or in the suburbs, and where your children may be attending school, all play a factor in this decision. Make sure that you’re happy with the construction lot before committing to buying it. Read our article on location and the aspects the attribute to the value of your home for more information on the subject.

6. There are over 700 home builders in the state of Florida, but they are not all the same. It is important to research as many as you can before deciding on a company. Read reviews or try to find people who have experience dealing with different construction home builders to make the best decision for you. You will be working with and around these individuals for a while, so it is important that you are comfortable working around them throughout the construction process.

8. Keep track of every detail. Constructing a home is a big investment, so you shouldn’t be uncomfortable keeping track of the details of the process once it begins. Communication throughout each step of the process can help ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any major delays or mistakes. Stay up to date on all milestones, so there are no surprises, and so that goals are being met.

9. Conduct walkthrough with construction workers that you hired to ensure that everything has been done properly. This so that any issues that may have come up during the construction process can be fixed before you move in. This will offer you some peace of mind so that you can see how the home will look completed.

10. Before signing off on any construction projects, have an expert inspect the home. This is to be sure that the home has been built to code and everything is structurally sound for your enjoyment for years. This saves money in the long run.


Hiring qualified contractors, who specialize in construction work, should be one of your top priorities when buying a new construction home, or renovating an existing home. Allowing them to do their work without interference from family or friends can save you money and save the contractors time. Be willing to be patience and work with your team, and you’ll have the home of your dreams sooner than you think!